Learning About the Market

Have been investing and diversifying seriously for about a year now, but only recently opened my online trading account, even though I had my CDP account opened for more than a year. Guess you can say that I’m really risk adverse and want to learn as much as I can before dabbling in online trading.

I took the plunge just a few days ago, and made my very 1st online trade! 🙂 A purchase of 1 lot of very very good stocks of a blue chip company in Hong Kong. Right time to buy in my opinion. I’m now very focused on learning as much as I can on this, and I must say that its really really interesting. If I sold today by the way, I would have made about S$500. All for a couple hours of work. But I’m holding on…. I think the price will appreciate after the announcement tomorrow of their next 3 year plan and profits for 2007. 😛

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