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Have been really busy of late…… Busy playing Disgea: Afternoon Of Darkness on my PSP every available moment I have. That means during my bus ride to work, on my way back home from the office, and after lights out, … Continue reading

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Tom Cruise and Scientologist : Indoctrination Video

Not sure if you’ve been following the Tom Cruise:Scientologist saga. Looking for the leaked indoctrination video? Well.. tough luck. you can’t find it on You Tube anymore. But because I’m nice… heres the link. 🙂 Heres the Video

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ISEAS 40th Anniversary Dinner

I received a call from a very good friend and ex-colleague, the indomitable Prof JB Williams last Friday. Prof: “Hi Paul… How are you doing?” Paul: “Hi Prof, I’m great! How are things with you?” Prof: “Not too bad, thanks.” … Continue reading

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Following the American Circus

I’ve been following to some degree over the last week or so, the American presidential race in particular, the Iowa Caucus and the upcoming New Hampshire Primary. I’ve certainly learnt quite abit about American politics in this time, and as … Continue reading

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Kyla’s first day/week in Primary One

It was Kyla’s first day and week in Primary 1! Finally! Seeing Kyla in her spanking (and frankly oversized) uniform, it just made me so proud of her. 🙂 She is really growing up…. sigh… soon I will have to … Continue reading

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