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Setting Up The Christmas Tree

Its that time of year again. The Christmas holiday season is almost, and what better way to get into the mood than setting up the Christmas tree? We didn’t put it up last year (hmmm… I wonder why? Maybe laziness…..) … Continue reading

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Poor Family on a Donkey Cart in Lahore, Pakistan

I have to show this picture to the kids….. They are so blessed in Singapore.

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Pakistan has a Zouk Too!

We had our lunch here. 🙂

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General Pervez Musharraf – Stepping down

Some of the blokes here in the office are watching the live handing over ceremony by General Pervez Musharraf on streaming Geo TV, which was ordered to shut down as part of the emergency decree in Pakistan. 🙂 cool…

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Pearl-Continental in Lahore

I’m putting up at the Pearl-Continental Hotel in Lahore. Its a local hotel. yeah, but its a pretty good one, like the Taj in India. Second time I’m here. Reason being that Lahore doesn’t have a single International Hotel chain! … Continue reading

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Lahore, Pakistan

I arrived in Lahore to a thick heavy fog that blanketed the entire city. The pilot’s announcement that it was 12 degrees caught me off guard. Uh… I’m not dressed for 12 degrees. But… anyhow, it was still interesting. After … Continue reading

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View from my office in Karachi, Pakistan

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Nawaz Sharif is Back in Pakistan

After landing in Lahore at 6:15pm, thousands of PML supporters thronged the Lahore International airport. This is a grab from Dawn TV in Pakistan. Wah… I really dunno how safe it would be to go to Lahore now (I’m due … Continue reading

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Lazy Sunday in Karachi

We headed out to the office this morning with the intention of getting all the desktop machines connected to the central servers (since they were just moved over to the new office last night), but when we arrived, and did … Continue reading

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Lentil Soup

It was a nice creamy (albeit a little powdery) Lentil soup that I had for breakfast this morning. It’s always refreshing to try and understand biblical stories first hand. In this case, it was trying to understand why Esau sold … Continue reading

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