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Donut Factory

Theres a Donut Factory outlet that recently opened at Suntec City. When it first opened its doors, the queue was just wayyyy crazy. And, the queues start as early at 9:30am, and they don’t quieten down all the way to … Continue reading

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Pione Grapes from Japan

I know everyone’s talking about Kyoho grapes…… Way overblown. I finally got myself a punnet at Isetan the other day, and realised that the first punnet I bought the other day was actually Pione grapes, and is WAYYYYYY better than … Continue reading

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What a day!

Was a terribly stressful day today. Started off pretty bad.. 🙂 We all woke up slightly late today, and I was the first up from bed. Usually, Elkan would be the first up at 6:50am, and he would swing by … Continue reading

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Elkan & Coca Cola

Every Sunday, we head over to Christine’s mum’s house, and the kids get to play with all their cousins. The house literally becomes a childcare centre. Me? I drop them off, and head home to either sleep or do my … Continue reading

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