The Children’s new Desks and Chairs

Kyla’s starting Primary One in January, and we’ve been wanting to get her her own desk and chair. The three kids currently share a small table we bought from Ikea 4 years ago. The table and chair is getting too low and small for her, and she slouches when she does her writing.

So, we began looking aounrd, and I must admit, was a little enamored with getting an ergonomically designed desk and chair for her. I swung by the crosscom showroom on level 3 at Suntec City, and just looked around. Wow… set of the table and chair would set us back S$3,350!!!!! I almost died of a heart attack! That was about 11 month back.

Yesterday, Chris and I and the kids dropped by the shop again to take a look, and also for Christine to get a first hand look and feel of the desk and chair. Besides, we needed to get Kyla her new school bag as well. The sales person worked out a package for 3 sets of tables and chairs for the kids, and it came just shy of S$10,000.

Obviously we asked to give it some thought and left. This morning, we headed down to Centrepoint to take a look at another shop selling ergonomic furniture for kids. This one is on the 5th flor, just next to the teochew restaurant. Kinder Fun Kids’ also sells ergonomically designed desks and chair which grow with the children, but costs less than 1/3 the price of crosscom.


We bought Kyla and Ariel one set each, and also bought Elkan a chair, but not the desk, as he won’t be quite ready for it yet. All in all, S$3,400. A real bargain compared to if we bought a similar desk and chair set from crosscom.

I know Crosscom argues about the originality and authenticity of the ergonomics, but…..I really don’t buy it. If Crosscom doesn’t bring down its prices, I wonder how it can compete with Kinder Fun. The angles used and build quality of desks from either shops are comparable, and I really cannot justify why crosscom’s desks should command 2 times the price of a desk from Kinder Fun. Tsk tsk tsk….

Anyway…to each his own.

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38 Responses to The Children’s new Desks and Chairs

  1. Nani Mohthar says:

    Hi, my son is also going to Primary 1 next year. Believe it or not, we had the same experience. I don’t buy crosscom’s marketing strategy about being the original as well. I personally think that they are oblivious to their competitors.

    We’ll be buying Haziq’s table this month together with his school bag at Kinder Fun. There will be new designs too. Parents must know about kids’ ergonomics as well as the price difference. Good post!

  2. sltan says:

    hi there,

    yes, i have just bought 2 kinderfun bags for my kids today. i personally have not been to crosscom to take a look at their products as i know it is very costly.

    but today, after kinderfun, while driving back, i was thinking ,hmm..perhaps i should take a look at crosscom before buying! kind of regret on buying the bags but after doing some research on the website, i think i have made the right choice buying the kinder bags. it is certainly lots cheaper and i think it has the same feature as crosscom as well.


  3. Honey Dionisio says:

    Hi! Reading your responses entices me to dropby Kinderfun. My son will be in P1 and we’re thinking of buying him an ergonomic bag. I was just searching the net a few minutes before I stumbled into this blogg. Prior to that, I was about to SMS my hubby to tell him that we should visit crosscom but then I change my mind. You already gave me an idea of how much are the prices of stuff at crosscom. thanks very much for the info.

  4. paulcbc says:

    hi Honey. 3 months on, I still don’t regret it. πŸ™‚

  5. Joyce Lim says:

    Hi there,

    I am thinking of getting a ergonomic studytable for my daughter. Just trying to surf the net for more information. Find your feedback very helpful.

    Anymore helpful tips? pls email me again.



  6. paulcbc says:

    Hi Joyce, We’ve had the desks and chairs for 4months now, and find it extremely good. no problems so far. πŸ™‚

  7. OSH&LLH says:


    Wonder if there are other alternatives to Crosscom and Kinder Fun. I’ve scritinised the tables from both and don’t find that there’s too much technology in them. I’m sure companies in China or India have found ways to “engineer” this for much less. Does anyone have any idea if there are such alternatives available in Singapore?


  8. OSH&LLH says:


    Just surfed the web and found a possible alternative to CROSSCOM and KINDER FUN. This one’s called ERGOWORKS. I’ll be heading down to Marina Square to have a look in the next couple of days.


  9. Kasey says:

    Hi OSH&LLH,

    Just wondering where you bought your table from? How was ERGOWORKS? Were the prices and quality comparable to KINDER FUN??

  10. Jacob says:

    Interestingly, I even nedumala about it …

  11. annie says:

    kinder fun has promotion now,till 7th June.SPI bag $40 off,and desk and chair $500 off.

  12. TL says:

    maybe 20 years ago, i’m using a mahjong to study. 1 day feeling tired. push and press on the table, suddenly it tilted up, just sit back and relax and continue to study. i found my first ergo table.

  13. JT says:

    Ergoworks has a 6 items in 1 package bundle consists of height adjustable desk, Duorest ergo-chair, desktop riser, anti-slip mat, book holder, philips eye care lamp and they are giving $800 disount per set and it now all for only $1499. Value for

  14. RC says:

    So between Ergoworks and Kinderfun, which really is ergonomic? I’ve been to both today and both have touted that theirs is the better one. To me, the tables is almost the same except that Kinderfun uses air pressure whilst Ergoworks uses the lock mechanism that tilts at 7 different angles. However, both also uses the German Stabilus system for the height adjustment. Price is also comparable. The only diff is the chair. Kinderfun has the full back chair that do not swivel staff says to give full back support but Ergoworks has the Dourest that has a ‘gap in between that the sale staff says wld relief stress off the back. I’ve been searching the net for answers primarily on the chair cos the tables, not much diff but can’t seem to find any ans … any idea?

  15. LO says:

    hi, i dropped crosscom due to price as well…was considering kinderfun as they have a promo now…but not too sure if it is good enough…now the table is $1400 and pay $99 excluding GST…so 1set would be estimated $1505 excluding all other accessories. is ergoworks good? seems cheaper.

  16. fun123 says:

    IMHO, ergoworks score better on their chairs over both crosscom and kinderfun, athough the desk is equally comparable to kinderfun, but with their extra value items, it will be a much better buy than the rest..i think kids and technology nowsday grow faster than the parents generation, so a short to mid term plan is good enough, who know something better in near future..thats the reason i dropped crosscom..eventually we bought 3 sets of promotion sets from ergoworks..share you views and see whether we are right?

  17. Wen says:

    My child has out grown his Kinder fun table and chair set. They are in very good condition. I am looking for a serious buyer.

  18. wee says:

    Hi Wen, i’m interested in your kinder table & chair set. can email me at yr px to let go. thanks

  19. Sam says:

    Hi wen,
    Wat is the price? Can email detail and photos

  20. Wen says:

    Sam, thanks for your interest. Design exactly like picture above (red with cherry coloured wood laminate) – Harvard desk, R-kinder Chair and CPU base. Bought in late May 2005, very good condition, asking for $350. To see picture, make an offer, etc. pls give me your email address?

  21. apple says:

    Hi Wen, interested in the kinder table and chair set. Can email me the pictures ?

  22. Andre says:

    Hi Wen,
    is the set still available?

  23. KM says:

    Hi Wen,

    Set still available? Pls email me at


  24. KM says:

    Hi, if still available, pls let me know @

  25. Jon says:

    I am interested in the Harvard desk you bought in May 2005. Please call me at 91872642. Thank you. Jon.

  26. CT says:

    Hi Wen

    Is your Harvard desk still available. If yes, please email me at


  27. Alicia Teh says:

    Hi Wen,

    Are the items still available? If so, can call me at 9821 9575 or Appreciate your reply. cheers

  28. roopa says:

    Hi Wen,
    are the items still available? If so, please call me at 93823513 or email me at

  29. Jody Hueser says:

    Random question: I know you are using wordpress for this blog, but have you tried any other platforms. I am trying to decide for my blog? and I ask because I like yours.

  30. Craftsman says:

    Hi Jody,
    Nope. Never tried any other platform. WordPress is good enough for me. πŸ™‚

  31. Della says:

    Hi Wen,
    May I know if the set is still available?? If so, pls email me at

  32. Veronica says:

    Hi Wen,

    Is you Kinder Fun table and chair still available because If so, please email me at

  33. carmen says:

    Hi Ladies,

    I have a set of the desk and chair and my daughter has outgrown it too, Selling it at S$800, if interested can email me at or sms me at 90933898. Our chair is Orange kidybug though, comes with free CPU base for you…

  34. agnes says:

    Hi, I am looking for a second hand ergonomically design for children desk and chair. Anyone want to sell to me. please contract me at 81839341. Thanks

  35. Jaime says:

    Hi I am looking for the ergonomic table + chair. Anyone who wants to sell please email me at or 91161860

  36. Jack Soh says:

    I have a second hand moll desk & chair. Just bought it a few months ago from Ergokid in Wheelock Place, but selling it due to renovation. It has 2 scratch marks. Willing to sell it at 40% off purchase price. You can check the details of the desk on and look for the moll Champion desk Right-Up.

  37. Jack Soh says:

    Oh I forgot to include my email there:

  38. Daeve Yap says:

    Crosscom has closed down their showroom and their warehouse. If you want to buy Moll desks, you can go to Wheelock Place, with the new distributor.

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