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I’m on MIS Asia

I’m on this month’s MIS Asia for being part of the judging panel for MIS Asia’a IT Excellence Awards 2007. Didn’t add my current work status as the company is very sensitive to how it is projected in the press. … Continue reading

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The Children’s new Desks and Chairs

Kyla’s starting Primary One in January, and we’ve been wanting to get her her own desk and chair. The three kids currently share a small table we bought from Ikea 4 years ago. The table and chair is getting too … Continue reading

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Going to Jakarta

I don’t know if its the time of year and the spill over from the Ramadan season, but an SQ seat to Indonesia is extremely difficult to get even with a 3 week prior booking. Of course, it doesn’t help … Continue reading

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Taking the Bus

I’m finally readying myself for a big change next week. Yeah…….I’ve decided to give up driving into the city. 🙂 With Chris finally taking the plunge to stop work full time, and taking care of the kids with 3 times … Continue reading

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Who would have thought that my wife is now also my friend on facebook!!??:D Ha ha ha ha….

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Now I know what Suntec looks like without any body

Just left the office a while ago. Boy…. this is the latest I ever left my office! 12:25am!!!!! The culprit? Ai yah…. 3 year plan lor. 😦

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Forgive the blog diarrhea… but its been really busy the last couple of days, and seldom do I get a chance now to write and upload some pics. So, while I get a small window of opportunity, better quickly do … Continue reading

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Donut Factory

Theres a Donut Factory outlet that recently opened at Suntec City. When it first opened its doors, the queue was just wayyyy crazy. And, the queues start as early at 9:30am, and they don’t quieten down all the way to … Continue reading

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Pione Grapes from Japan

I know everyone’s talking about Kyoho grapes…… Way overblown. I finally got myself a punnet at Isetan the other day, and realised that the first punnet I bought the other day was actually Pione grapes, and is WAYYYYYY better than … Continue reading

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What a day!

Was a terribly stressful day today. Started off pretty bad.. 🙂 We all woke up slightly late today, and I was the first up from bed. Usually, Elkan would be the first up at 6:50am, and he would swing by … Continue reading

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