Status Update

Busy busy busy… thats what’s happening to me now. Ggggrrrrr ….3 year plan.. what the heck! Good thing though… my new IT manager is in, and now I have help! I’m thankful for little mercies.

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4 Responses to Status Update

  1. Andrew Wee says:

    Hey – did u feel the earthquake over there?

  2. Craftsman says:

    Yeah… I did. I was in a meeting, and my boss pointed out calmly that an earthquake just occurred. I looked at him and thought…”Are you out of your mind?” Then he pointed up to the hanging lights on the ceiling, and I saw that it was swinging!
    My god! Then some people came by excitedly, and said, “Did you guys feel that!!??”
    I mean… the tremor was so slight, and if nobody told me, I wouldn’t have noticed! Then, the announcement came on the system.. “Be calm…..blah blah blah…”
    Aiyoh……then my indonesia office called in…. people in panic. Can they leave the office….blah blah blah….. aiyoh…..


  3. JoL says:

    I must say the announcement over the system was quite amusing! “…Please standby your speakers!….” LOL!

    Have you moved office yet? Lunch soon?

  4. Craftsman says:

    Yah Jo. Have already moved to T2. Am at 26th floor. lunch anytime.

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