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Kyoho Grapes or so we thought…..

The family headed out to Tanglin Mall for a spot of Teriyaki Beef Noodles and Teriyaki Chicken Don, bth really excellent. But the Teriyaki Beef Noodles are simply out of this world. And…the kids know it. Kyla keeps bugging us … Continue reading

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Finally… I see some data

Yahoo……The stats are coming back again! 😀

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Aiyah… In The Words of my Daughters….”Wah….Scare Me Ah”

Uh… ha ha ha…. um… I feel so silly….. Disturbed by the sudden drop in traffic, I dug around, and looked at traffic figures from my hosted server, as well as Nuffnang, which both showed quite healthy numbers. Intrigued, I … Continue reading

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Traffic Plummeting

Wow… I was just checking the traffic to my site, and boy… what a shock. I’ve been really busy in the last 2 months, and in my busyness, have not been able to really update my blog… wah….. the drop … Continue reading

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A really Fun Family Day

Just got back from a super super long day! It was Alison’s (My niece) 5th birthday, and the kids were at my sister’s place on the 8th floor in the same block. We just take the lift down to her … Continue reading

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Daily Drama

I find myself in anticipation everyday now, anxious to learn about what happened in one of my friend’s office for the day in question. He works for a large local retail company, which I shan’t divulge the identity of. Its … Continue reading

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Status Update

Busy busy busy… thats what’s happening to me now. Ggggrrrrr ….3 year plan.. what the heck! Good thing though… my new IT manager is in, and now I have help! I’m thankful for little mercies.

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Uh…what did she just say?

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Lahore, Pakistan

I’ve been in Pakistan for business for the entire week. Uh….actually I’m still in Pakistan. My flight’s this evening, so I have some time to kill. 🙂 Anyways, perhaps this allows me some time to blog. Singapore Airlines flies 3 … Continue reading

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