The Zoo

Went to the Singapore zoo the other day with Chris and the kids, and just a couple of photos to share. 🙂 You should click on them for larger versions. Should look alot better enlarged.


This one was of the White Tigers. I like the shade of sunlight on it’s back as it went into the water. Pity not a very sharp photo.

I like this one much better. Sharp, and my…what a beautiful cat.


And then, we went round to the Ethiopia themed baboon enclosure, and I saw this…… !!!


Uh… Guess this is what they call a “DICK HEAD” HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA.

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3 Responses to The Zoo

  1. Andrew Wee says:

    Beautiful cats – thx for sharing!

    Pity my measly 1.3MP camera cannot take these kind of amazing pics.

  2. ET says:

    first shot is nice

  3. Craftsman says:

    Yeah.. I like it too. 🙂

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