Tech Sunday

It was a really busy day today.

We didn’t go to church as Ariel was down with fever, and with the recent scare at Sunday school due to HFMD, we thought it wiser and responsible not to bring Ariel to Sunday school in case (touch wood) she is down with HFMD. I also had a splitting headache right from the start of the morning and for the entire day.

Popped two panadols, and we headed out for breakfast before swinging by Mum and Dad’s place to take a look at the TV. Yup. Like Mum said it. The TV has finally broken down. Brought out the one in the bedroom to the living room temporarily, so that dad and mum could still watch TV in the comfort of the living room. Will be buying a TV today for them.

Then, I sent Chris and the kids to my in-law’s place, and I headed to Paragon to get our phones. Yeah….. phones.

M1 had just sent me a handphone upgrade voucher for S$350, rewarding me for being in their Sunrisers Club. yada yada yada….. all because I talk alot on the phone. 🙂 Anyways, thats S$350 to spend, so why not? I also was tiring of my Nokia E61, and it was cumbersome to carry both the E61 and the company 8800 blackberry in my pockets. Damn heavy. I also decided to get Chris’ phone changed. Dunno the model of her old phone. Too old leow! 😀

So, I traded in our old phones for the new Nokia 5300 Express (For Chris), and the Nokia 6110 Navigator (For me)


Why the 5300 for Chris? Well, it’s packaged as an MP3 player and has an FM radio in it, so t would be really useful for her. Was already thinking of getting her an ipod, so this actually makes it alot easier for her to listen to music while on the bus or train back home in the afternoons.


And, the 6110 Navigator for me lor. Had always wanted to get a GPS, but was too cheapskate to do so. 🙂 this solved my yearnings.

I’m pretty happy with these two phones. After trade in and with the handset upgrade discount from M1, we ended paying nothing for the phones. 🙂 I also took the opportunity to sell off my Samsung i600, which yielded another S$230. So, all in all in very nice Sunday. 🙂

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2 Responses to Tech Sunday

  1. JoL says:

    let me know if you had to wait for “ages” for the navigator to lock in on a location! I had that problem whilst trying to get some instructions… in the end, we said forget it. Jus ask passers-by!

    btw, have a safe trip.

  2. paulcbc says:

    Initial lock (that is, turning on the navigator for the very first time) took about a couple of minutes. But subsequent use of the navigator took just under a minute for the GPS to lock in to the location.

    In my humble opinion, this little thing is way excellent for the car. I’ve used really powerful GPS systems in Australia, Garmin, etc. This one… just as good in my opinion. 🙂 Of course, you don’t have the in depth capabilities, but then this is a cell cum GPS.

    It’s very fast in calculating paths, even after I deliberately miss turnings. Its accurate down to the metres, and I am very happy with this phone! 😀

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