SQ Panties?

I think that this post may raise eyebrows, but…ah… what the heck. All for the fun of it. 🙂

You know, with this amount of traveling over the last year and a half, theres only so much Krisworld can do for you. I remember a season when I was traveling almost every week, I had exhausted the entire movie cache on Krisworld, and there was still a week to go before the next batch of movies were uploaded.

So, what’s the next best thing to see on an SQ plane? hmmm…just to help you along, in all of my 176.4 flights so far, I’ve had the luck of a camel. I’ve only sat with female passengers twice. One of them was a big boned chinese lady in her forties who reminded me too much of my primary 3 form teacher, and the other was a hippie type who looked like she hasn’t had a bath for 2 weeks. – It’s definitely not the passengers.

You get drawn invariably to the swishing and swashing of the stewardesses going up and down the aisle. (Thats also one of the reasons why I always have an aisle seat). If anyone tells you they get an aisle seat for the ease of getting to the toilet, don’t believe them. Its more likely because of the SQ girls. 😀

SQ Girl

Here’s the thing. When you spend hours upon hours (after the boring movie ends, and many times in-between) admiring them, you begin to wonder why all SQ girls DON’T HAVE ANY VISIBLE PANTY LINES!!!!! I’m dead serious. You can’t find them! Every time they bend over or squat down, I find myself trying to pick out any hint of a line. Not because I’m a perv, but because I’m just like any normal hotblooded male. No no no…nonsense. I’m really just trying to understand from a curiosity standpoint thats all. 😀

But really. This has been really bugging me like for the longest time!!!! I’m still observing, but I can’t see anything! Are they wearing any panties underneath the Sarong Kabaya? Or, are they wearing G-Strings? (can’t be because you’d see the hints of a horizontal “string”) Or, are they wearing big mama panties that wrap around like bicycle pants, so the panty line would be on the thigh?

I asked Chris, and she doesn’t have any idea. I wonder if theres anyone out there who could enlighten me?

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10 Responses to SQ Panties?

  1. bigdaddy says:


  2. JoL says:

    Jus gotten to know a SQ girl (hubby’s friend girlfriend) I can try asking her…. 😀

  3. paulcbc says:

    PLEASE PLEASE JO! 😀 It would save me from further destruction of my brain cells.

    To the rest of ya (Big Daddy and ET), Pppppffffffffffffttttttttttttt!!!! 😛

  4. Pat ho says:

    From a trueblue sq girl,
    Just happening to bump into your curiosity.. To put a stop to your headaches from the eyestrain, I will tell you the reason y there are no VPL. There is a lining in the skirt. Not because we are not wearing any panties.

  5. Craftsman says:

    😀 ha ha ha Thanks Pat. Headaches indeed! ha ha ha… that’ll give me peace of mind, especially since I’ll be on a trip to Pakistan this monday. surely you will not be on board? 😀

  6. patr says:

    A bit surprised about this entry, VPL???

    Learned more.. ieieie

  7. Sha says:

    I used to be an air stewardess..
    Some of us even wear granny panties…and it still won’t show.
    The Kebaya has got an inner linning that prevents showing of the panty hems.

  8. paulcbc says:

    Ha Ha ! Thanks Sha! 🙂

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