Going to Pakistan

Will be making a trip to Pakistan in about 10 days. Have never been there, and am a little nervous about the trip, no thanks to the political situation in the country. Good thing Karachi isn’t as unstable as the capital.

As entering Pakistan requires a visa, I began getting all the required documents. Among the documents I need, is to get an invitation letter from my office in Pakistan. A letter stating that I would be visiting from my Singapore office. On top of that, I need to answer several questions, among which is my father or husband’s name.

Now, considering that I don’t have a husband, I wrote down dad’s name. Felt a little strange. The last time I wrote my dad’s name in an application was in my University application form many years back.

I also needed to submit a photostated copy my identity card. While I was looking for it just now, I searched high and low, and simply couldn’t find it in the house. Went to the ICA website, and saw that a replacement IC would cost S$100. But thats not all. It’ll require 1 month of waiting!

Seow leow lah! No need to go to Pakistan already.

Then, I took a step back from looking, and thought about the last time I saw it………Ah hah!!! I passed my IC to Chris for Kyla’s primary school application. 🙂

Got my IC back just now. wow….lucky no need to pay fine.

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1 Response to Going to Pakistan

  1. JoL says:

    🙂 LOL I found that “Father’s Name ” requirement a bit weird too when I had to apply for BN’s (non-SG) Visa to …. India I think but it’s SOP. I was told to strictly complete the Application form or it may be rejected!

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