Coming Back Home to Singers

I had to extend my stay in Hong Kong by 1 night, as the sessions were to end late on Friday. Because of the last minute change, I was not able to get a room extension in the hotel I was already in, but had to change to another hotel last night. I switched to Kimberley Hotel further down the road from Kowloon Hotel, and although the room quality were a notch lower than Kowloon’s, their rooms were markedly larger than Kowloon Hotel’s, which I may add is like a sandwich box.

If you ever are in Hong Kong and staying in the Tsim Tsa Tsui area, stay clear of Kowloon Hotel if you are the type that need ample space. I’ll post the pictures shortly, and you’ll know what I mean.

Anyway, the quality of Kimberley Hotel was not a problem for me, as I only needed the bed for one night, and I’ll be out first thing the next morning, as I have a 10:30am flight back to Singers.

So, here I am in the SilverKris lounge at Hong Kong’s International Airport, with four, 1/2 dozen boxes of Krispy Kreme donuts ready to spring on the kids back home. Boy…. I don’t even know what flavours I bought. I just told the Krispy kreme guys to pick and choose for me. Just make sure they had at least three pieces of donuts with fairy sprinkles, or I’ll have a riot on my hands. Amidst our jovial banter, one of the counter girls asked…..”you’re from Singapore aren’t you?” “Yeah”, I replied.

Obviously Singaporeans make a beeline for Krispy Kreme everytime they’re in Hong Kong, and we’ve developed quite a reputation as Donut nutters. When I arrived in Hong Kong on Tuesday night, there was a Singaporean girl at the outlet who bought four 1/2 dozen boxes back to Singers as well. There you go…..

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