Pacific Reef Egret

This is a shot of the Pacific Reef Egret in its “Dark Phase”. Although this bird can be seen in Singapore, I have never seen it here before, so much so that we I saw it in Langkawi, I had absolutely no idea what egret/heron it was. It was only after a quick check with my Bird Guide that I finally knew what I had here. This is what is called a “Lifer” in birding circles, meaning the first time you see a specific species of bird.

Pacific Reef Egret

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6 Responses to Pacific Reef Egret

  1. tuan rumah says:

    very nice picture.. you’re lucky to capture the moment.. is it easy to capture bird flying? Do you mind if i link this post to my blog?

  2. DD says:

    Wah… must buy lens. Can I see yours first?

    Anyway, I need to go with you. Tomorrow can?

  3. paulcbc says:

    Tuan Rumah: Thanks! Yes. very lucky indeed. I would say its really touch and go. Many things must occur for you to take the picture of a bird flying. First, you need the right equipment. Second, you need to know where to find the birds. Third, you need to get close enough to the bird/s. Fourth, you need to be fast enough to catch the bird in flight.
    The egret was easier to catch than the eagles. The eagle fly alot faster, and following them was tougher.
    Sure, you can link your blog to this post. 🙂

    DD: Sure. Tomorrow can. sms me.

  4. ET says:

    wa lau… this is really a nice catch lor…. good job!

  5. ET says:

    take more shots like this la…

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