Langkawi – Update #2

After a good night’s sleep, we decided to head out for Langkawi’s Kilim Geoforest Mangrove Tour. If we booked the tour through the hotel, it would cost us $160 to $180 Ringgit per adult, and $80 Ringgit per child (above 3). This would have set us back $500 Ringgit at the very least. Thankfully, with a little investigation on the net, we realised that if we just headed to the jetty ourselves, and approached the boatmen directly, we could charter an entire boat at half that amount. 🙂

So, that was what we did. We drove to the Kilim River jetty, and looked for the boatman ourselves. We had an entire boat to ourselves at $250 Ringgit. Very good cost savings there. 😀

Mangrove Tour - 7.jpg

This was the river jetty where we took the boat from.

Mangrove Tour - 1.jpg

We headed out the mangrove river to a view of magnificent limestone mountains and mangrove forest. Simply exquisite! This is a raw beauty I have not seen for a long time.

Mangrove Tour - 2.jpg

Welcome to the Kilim Geoforest Park.

Mangrove Tour - 6.jpg

Ariel and Kyla enjoying the boat ride. I was kinda worried that they may have some issues with the bobbly nature of boat rides and seasickness. But, no problems with any of the kids. Even Elkan was enjoying himself! Good one!

Mangrove Tour - Ariel.jpg

Mangrove Tour - Kyla.jpg

First stop was the Bat Cave…… just one word….. SMELLY.

Mangrove Tour - Bat Cave - 1.jpg

Mangrove Tour - Bat Cave - 2.jpg

Then, we visited a fish farm….This was a treat for the kids. 🙂

Mangrove Tour - Fish Farm - 3.jpg

They had several demarcated “pods” where they reared different types of fish. In this picture, everyone was looking at the fish farmer feeding a barracuda.

Mangrove Tour - Fish Farm - 2.jpg

Coming up close to the Stingray was also quite an experience! They finally saw what fish killed Steve Irwin.

Mangrove Tour - Fish Farm - 1.jpg

After the fish farm, we headed to a cave they called “crocodile cave”. According to our guide, there were crocodiles there years before. Now there are none. Just humans……

Mangrove Tour - 3.jpg

After “crocodile cave”, we headed for the highlight of the tour…. Eagle Feeding. This was where I totally went crazy. Man… it was a feeding frenzy with about 7 to 8 birds taking turns to swoop down to the chicken pieces dropped into the river. It was my closest experience with these two species of raptors.

This one is of the Bharminy Kite. Smaller than the White Bellied Sea Eagle, it is still a sight to behold.

Brahminy Kite

After this, was lunch on a floating restaurant. It was run by a Malay family, and to be honest, I was actually looking forward to a Chinese seafood lunch, but anyway… we ate there. Food wasn’t fantastic….. but… you make do.

Mangrove Tour - 5.jpg

The biggest draw must have been the shark they had in one of the pods.

Mangrove Tour - Fish Farm Restaurant - 1.jpg

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7 Responses to Langkawi – Update #2

  1. felicia says:

    i think elkan loook older with his botak head…hahha.

  2. paulcbc says:

    In truth Felicia, this little boy seemed to have officially slipped into his “terrible twos” phase after the haircut.
    He is becoming really naughty and difficult to manage now.
    It takes a lot of patience to rein him in firmly. But it will pass soon. My only hope is that it passes really soon, so that we can have the good boy back. 🙂

  3. ET says:

    really like the eagle pic and i love elkan…. he is sOOOOO CUUUUuuuuTTTTeeee!

  4. paulcbc says:

    Thks ET. Yeah. I like the picture of the Kite too. Glad you like Elkan. Bring him home for a weekend lah.. 🙂

  5. ET says:

    can ar? Eh, can introduce him to my daugther lei… let them friend friend hor…. organise a family day la… Danny has been talking about it…

  6. Molly says:

    can u still rem the name of the boat owner whom u chartered from? any recommendations or can we just approach any one at the kilim jetty? Tks 4 yr help..

  7. Craftsman says:

    Molly, just go to the jetty, and there will be a guy managing all the boats. 🙂

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