Vesak Day for Us…..

Urrgghhh!!!! My Casio Exilim crapped out on me this evening!!!! Aiyah…. talk about bad luck. I now have on my hands two incapacitated cameras, my Olympus C7070 and My Casio Exilim. No chance of taking bird pictures now! Sigh… I was so looking forward to heading out to the forest next week. 😦

We spent the morning at East Coast Parkway getting dirty on the sand. It was really fun trying to get at crabs who left long tunnels on the beach. Kyla and Ariel also collected tons of sea shells. Oh Lord…… Help me. Elkan just had fun flinging sand all over himself. Forgot to bring my camera out of the car, so no pictures.

We had a rest in the afternoon before heading out for a Macdonalds Shrek birthday party. It was our neighbour’s daughter’s birthday, and the 3 kids were invited. 🙂 ….

Heres a picture of Elkan looking really dorky. Ha ha ha….. he’s really cute yah?


Ok ok…. he doesn’t really look like that. He’s more like this.



Ariel and Kyla also looked pretty today. 🙂 not always though. More often than not, they have hair stucked on their faces, perspiring and dirt on their feet and just looking really grubby. 😀 Today,  I gelled up their hair to give them a fringe, so that their hair wouldn’t keep covering their foreheads, and they look so princess-y.



And heres one of mum with Elkan. I tell you… she’s lost so much weight, that she can now get into a pair of hot pants she used to wear before the kids came. 🙂


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