Time to Move On

I’ve officially tendered my resignation, and its time to move on. 🙂

Update (8:45pm): I’ve just come into very reliable information that a couple more staff have resigned of their own accord after witnessing what has been done to my boss and I. Well…..don’t know what to say except that I wish the company all the best. What goes around comes around.

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5 Responses to Time to Move On

  1. DD says:

    Jeremiah 29:11 mate… God is good and fully in control.

    Forget about what happens to them. You’ve got a great future assured.


  2. Razlan says:

    One click after another… landed me in your blog, reading about the fiasco. Just want to drop you a note to say that a stranger in the blogosphere will have you in his thoughts and prayers.

  3. paulcbc says:

    Thanks Raz. I appreciate your thots and prayers. 🙂 Chin up. Theres always a silver lining in the dark clouds. And like what DD said. Jer 29:11. He has grand plans for me. 🙂 Looking forward to it.

  4. JoL says:

    An organisation that doesn’t value you don’t deserve you! God is good ALL THE TIME! We jus have to have FAITH!!

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