Sea Monkey #3

It’ll be 5 days tomorrow, which is when we will be putting in a scoop of sachet 3 which contains Sea Monkey food. BUT, I think we’re in trouble. Last Saturday morning, I noticed that there were so many Sea Monkeys that have hatched. wriggling and swimming about.
Today, when I checked, there are only 3 or at most 4 visible Sea Monkeys wriggling about. I stirred the water, and from the gunk beneath, noticed that quite a number of them have died!

Oh dear……I wonder if our experiment is going to be as successful as Mr Miyagi’s. 😦

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4 Responses to Sea Monkey #3

  1. Stella says:

    Heyas! Saw your site from miyagi’s. I think you should try feeding them earlier. Maybe they are starving to death. Sea monkeys don’t most-die-at-one-shot, methinks.

  2. paulcbc says:

    Sigh… I think its because we moved it near direct light on Saturday. Temperature of the water could have affected the colony badly. 😦 Well, at least we now have confirmed 3 monkeys still alive. Maybe we can hope that they multiply from there. Ha ha ha ha…

  3. Stella says:

    Hahaha. Hopefully…. how’s the kids coping with that?

  4. paulcbc says:

    They’re a little sad…but not to worry. We can always buy an expansion pack for S$12.95 if we really want to see more monkeys. This time we’ll be alot more careful..

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