Our sunday morning

We decided to take a break from church yesterday morning. There were cases of Hand Foot and Mouth Disease at the kindergarten (Sunday school) the kids go to, and we decided to play safe. We were afterall, stuck at home for more than a month! Also, it was Mother’s Day. So, early sunday morning, we had the pleasure of deciding where to go, and as usual, all great ideas originate (at least for me….) in the toilet. Don’t ask me why, but I seem to be able to think better when I’m either showering or crapping, or both…. ha ha ha ha….

So, we decided to go watch Spiderman 3!!!! It seemed to me that the kids were ready. They’ve been watching Spiderman 1, Fantastic 4, Superman, over and over again, and even Elkan was spellbound every time the movie starts. He just sits on the sofa and goes completely mesmerised.


Waiting for the lift and in the Lift at Plaza Singapura


The kids took a couple of photos with Shrek and Spiderman



Unfortunately, the day didn’t turn out fantastic. Elkan fell asleep just before Sandman appeared, and at the later part of the movie wanted to go to the toilet, and didn’t want to go back in. Kyla on the other hand visited the toilet 3 to 4 times throughout the show until I became really irritated. We were sitted in the middle of the row, and we had to get past 4 other people just to get out. By the forth time, I decided not to go back into the cinema. We’ll just have to wait for the DVD to come out before watching the ending.

Gah! what a terrible way to end a show.

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2 Responses to Our sunday morning

  1. cy says:

    Thanks for the disgustingly smelly post. Haha. However, I do agree that the best ideas usually come from these activities.

    BTW, I was sent a link yesterday by a friend of mine. He claimed he was able to watch Spiderman 3 from this site. Knowing this is illegal, I was curious nonetheless, but stopped at the “gate”. My conscience got the better of me (and curiosity did kill the cat). Anyway, you might want to check it out and/or report it to the authorities if you’re lawfully inclined. www3.alluc.org/alluc

  2. JoL says:

    love this post!! next time, get seats along the aisle!! and don’t buy drinks! 😀 😀

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