Copper Smith Barbet

Coppersmith barbet

I took this picture of a Coppersmith Barbet at the Singapore Botanic Gardens in 2004. I remember it was in the Bukit Timah Core of the gardens, and there was this tree which they had just pruned. Very botak, but it had a small hole which the Barbet was busy trying to enlarge so that it could buil a nest. This bird makes a mettalic sound, which sounds like “tonk, tonk tonk tonk tonk…” It really is a beautiful bird.

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2 Responses to Copper Smith Barbet

  1. DD says:

    Nice picture… how much do you know about birds? I.e. if I sent you a picture of a local bird, are you likely to be able to identify it?

  2. craftsman says:

    likely to be able to identify it. Even if I can’t I have a number of books on Singapore birds to help. If that still is a problem, I still have a direct link to my birding buddies at the nature society of Singapore.:) So…shoot.

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