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Vesak Day for Us…..

Urrgghhh!!!! My Casio Exilim crapped out on me this evening!!!! Aiyah…. talk about bad luck. I now have on my hands two incapacitated cameras, my Olympus C7070 and My Casio Exilim. No chance of taking bird pictures now! Sigh… I … Continue reading

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Time to Move On

I’ve officially tendered my resignation, and its time to move on. 🙂 Update (8:45pm): I’ve just come into very reliable information that a couple more staff have resigned of their own accord after witnessing what has been done to my … Continue reading

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Sea Monkey #4

Wah… woke up today and found that apart from the 3 original survivors of the apocalypse, there were some more Sea Monkeys that were wriggling about!!! hah! just hatched! Counted at least 5 to 6 more new monkeys. Now got … Continue reading

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Meeting the CEO

I just got a call from SY, my HR Manager, informing me that the CEO would like to meet up with me tomorrow at 3pm. FINALLY!!! Its been a week and a half….11 days to be exact. Not sure what … Continue reading

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Lunch with the Minister

Some of you may recall that I wrote a mail to a cabinet minister some time back in April to express my disappointment with the Government and also personally with the Minister himself, after the recent revision in Civil Service … Continue reading

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Sea Monkey #3

It’ll be 5 days tomorrow, which is when we will be putting in a scoop of sachet 3 which contains Sea Monkey food. BUT, I think we’re in trouble. Last Saturday morning, I noticed that there were so many Sea Monkeys … Continue reading

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Protected: Letter to Minister Vivien Balakrishnan

There is no excerpt because this is a protected post.

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Sea Monkey #2

It was the second evening, and the kids were excited about putting in sachet #2. They kept reminding me in the morning before they went to school. “Daddy, Daddy, remember that tonight we must put in number 2 ok?” So, … Continue reading

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Lunch with the Boys

I had lunch with AY, BH and JY, my ex-colleagues and buddies from U21. It was wonderful catching up and just mucking around.

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Was told today that my leave has been extended till the 3rd of June. Wah…. like dat….dunno what to do everyday leh.. Seriously…they are almost done with the investigations now, but the Board will only meet to discuss the actions … Continue reading

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