Singtel vs Starhub

I was trying to subscribe to an iPass service from both Singnet and Starhub, and the service gap between the two was just so huge that I have to mention it. With both Singnet and Starhub, I did an online registration for a dial-up account, which both came automatically with iPass for international roaming.

However, while Singnet’s completely automated service ensured I got my user name and password almost immediately through an existing e-mail, Starhub’s service left much to be desired. It had a 3 to 7 days waiting period! My goodness!!!! It was obvious who I should be using, but fate had it that I installed Starhub’s iPass dialer onto my CEO’s machine, and he’s back in Hannover trying to get access to the Internet. (I won’t go into specifics here) So, I had no choice but to get back in touch with Starhub.

After getting in touch with the customer service, I was placed on the waiting list, since 9am, while they attempt to get my new account details. No response from them at 12 noon, and I called them. That was when I found out that my application got stuck in some backend department becuase I apparently had an outstanding bill of S$34 that was unpaid! Rediculous! And nobody bothered to call me to let me know!

Anyways, after a good round of reprimand from me, I got them to send me a new form so that I can get an account for the company instead of opening an account under my name. This they allowed. No further intention to get the S$34 from me. This really speaks well of Starhub people. In the mean time, I am still waiting for thier customer service to get back to me on the account ID and password.

Service from Starhub is totally dissapointing.

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