Science Park & India

We’ve just completed moving our office from Gateway to Science Park. Yeah…I’m now located miles from civilization. Thankfully, everything went well, and the staff are happy with the new office. But let it be known….this is the absolute LAST TIME I’m ever gonna get involved with an entire office move. Heck, I did everything myself! (with support from my boss of course!) Down to the negotiation with the landlord and the finding of our replacement tenant at Gateway, negotiating the takeover fees, and of course, managing the design, renovation of the entire new office space.

Trust me. Its a thankless job, but its satisfying to see everything come together nicely.

Well, enough of playing Chief Operating Officer. Now, I’m mentally gearing up to get back into my IT shoes. I’m heading out to India to visit my office, and work with them on IT issues. 🙂 I’m so looking forward to getting out of Singapore for a bit. But, I still hate airline food! 😀

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