Dinner at Surfers’ Paradise

On our second night on the Gold Coast, we decided to visit the heart of the Gold Coast for dinner…..Surfers Paradise. But before we headed out, we all took a bath, and the girls enjoyed a hot bubble bath!


When we were all finally ready, Elkan was the first to stride out to the lift landing. Cocky little guy yeah? He is so growing up…my boy.


I had been some time since I was last here, so I couldn’t quite remember Surfers very well, apart from the rows upon rows of shops opened and owned by the Japs. It seemed this hasn’t changed. 🙂 Oh well… there are other things to look forward to… Like Hard Rock. 🙂


The sight of the three kids taking care of each other while exploring the rows of Japanese shops also melted our hard, making us go… “oh…. so cute”… but all that warm fuzzy feeling dissappeared once they went back to bickering.


I had this great craving for a nice seafood dinner, I told Chris. So, we looked around for a nice joint. Didn’t take us long to find the seafood place. Couldn’t miss it. Written in clear bold fonts, the name of the place literally screamed out at us! Seafood Mania!


Any place with such bold words must be good. Oh Well… no one to ask if it was a dud. Have to try it out ourselves. Thankfully, the food was pretty ok. The prices were a little on the high side though. But then again, we’re on Surfers’ Paradise, and we didn’t expect to be paying Macdonald prices for a plate of fish and chips. Thankfully the kids enjoyed it too. Elkan was diggin right in, and while enjoying his food also became the talk of the table behind him.


After a HUGE dinner, we took a slow and laboured walk on the terrace, and there was this busker with his Elvis act. I must say that he was quite entertaining, and we found ourselves stuck there for quite a while watching him.


After Ariel and Kyla donated to Elvis’ retirement fund, we headed to Baskin Robbins for some ice cream before heading back to the apartment. Ariel’s also developed a nagging cough which we’re quite concerned about. A little more on that on the next post.


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