Paradise Country

I’ve been so busy lately, and have not been able to upload anything in the last week or so, prompting Budy to ask if I’m ok. Thanks matey. Anyways, heres the next installment of our Gold Coast Trip. Some videos no less!

Being in Australia, you cannot forego going to a traditional Australian farm where you can get to watch sheep shearing, sheep herding, billy tea, boomerang throwing, and of course have an Australian barbeque. So, on our second day at the Gold Coast, we went to Paradise Country, an Aussie farm tour right in the heart of the Gold Coast. The last time I was here in the Gold Coast in 96, there was no such farm yet. So, it’ll be a nice expreience for the entire family, especially the kids.


Paradise Country is not really a real farm. It’s a “pretend” farm put together for tourists. The staff here are actors, and you can see that. They are really good.

We sat through a sheep herding show, where this poor Japanese tourist was really made fun of. It was funny.

Then of course, there was the standard Billy Tea affair. For something as boring as putting tea leaves into a small bucket, and swirling it to get normal tea, I really admire them for creating a show just to entertain sotong tourists.

If you think about it, it’s really a waste of time. But… hey… we’re tourists!

Of course, there is no escaping the Kangaroos. Elkan developed such a stong liking to these animals, that up to today, he still goes “Tan-ter-too”


You can see that he is quite fearless of the animal. he’s chased a couple around the compound, and its really funny how they all hop away from him, and he chasing them with his short legs gong “tan-ter-too!!”


The kids spending time with the pigs, lambs, etc.



Of course, there is also the Sheep Shearing.

Finally, a nice picture Kyla and I took while rolling around the green grass on the farm. We were spending a little quality daddy and daughter time together.


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2 Responses to Paradise Country

  1. Bigdaddy says:


    I’m headed to Perth next week. Any “die die must-do” recommendations?

  2. craftsman says:

    Perth… so many places to go to.
    Metro Area
    – Fremantle
    – Bungee Jumping (Just behind Murdoch Uni)
    – Northbridge
    – Cottlesloe Nude Beach!!!!!!

    – Pemberton
    – Esperence
    – Albany
    – Alberta

    – Monkey Mia
    – can’t remember leow…

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