Kid’s Central Live!

Lots of events this weekend. One of the things I wanted to do was to head out to the Comex show at the Singapore Expo to look around and maybe buy some stuff. But, that didn’t materialise. Instead, we got three free tickets to Kid’s Central Live at the Singapore Indoor Stadium, and since Kyla and Ariel have been clamouring to go, Chris and I thought we’d bring the kids. Some more free tickets…. stupid to reject right?


So, we headed out to the Singapore Indoor Stadium for Kid’s Central Live!



I looked at the tickets, and realised that we had row 3 seats!!! “Wah!”, I thought…Christine’s vendors must be really generous. Give us row three seats. Must have cost a bomb.

Then, I realised after reaching the Singapore Indoor Stadium, that row three seats may not be the row three seats I imagined!

This was the orientation of our seats.


Goner! I thought. how to see!!!!???!!! This was basically our view.


Goodness! While I appreciate the free tickets, I vowed to personally buy my own tickets for better seats next time I ever bring the kids out to an event. It just doesn’t make your night as enjoyable as it should have been. They weren’t even allowed to run to the area before the stage, where all the activity were happening. I felt really bad for them. In any case, I think Kyla and Ariel made the best of it.


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