Tropical Fruit World

I originally had misgivings about this. How interesting, forget about exciting can a place called Tropical Fruit World be? Maybe expect a banana to jump out at you on a Banana Man Ride? So, you can be sure that I had raised eyebrowns when I heard that it will cost us A$32 per adult, and A$15 for kids 4 years and above to enter Tropical Fruit World. Shrugging my shoulders, I coughed up A$64 (They had a promotion where the kid gets in free). Still alot to pay to see bananas hanging from a tree. I’d rather watch Ah Meng hanging from a tree. 🙂

Anyways, Tropical Fruit World is a 10 acre working farm growing all manner of tropical fruits. Quite interesting. I didn’t know Queensland weather is condusive for tropical fruits. I’m not sure if the avacado can be considered a tropical fruit, but it is one of the main crops for this farm. They even had a plaster avacado made as a huge signage, and christined it the “Big Avacado”.


Apart from a fruit market section, as I would anticipate,


Tropical Fruit World also had daily shows (Wah!!!! Like zoo liddat!!) where they expounded on the history, legend, interesting facts about fruits, which they called the “Miracle Fruit Show”


See this chap talking about bananas. I initially thought how interesting can something like that be! Well… after sitting for 2 minutes, I discovered that it was really quite interesting! I realised why bananas are so expensive in Australia and so cheap elsewhere! ( A little about bananas later in another post)


Apart from the fruit show, there was also a tram ride! And surprisingly, somewhere tucked in this farm, was an entire advanture area, where they had mini train rides, a boat ride, a small animal farm, etc! We took the tram ride to get deep into the farm.


The kids feeding the kangaroos, wallabies and emus.


Huge fallen tree log, which had bee hollowed out to be a dijeridoo.


ok..ok…enough already about this boring place. Next installment…Paradise Country

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2 Responses to Tropical Fruit World

  1. Mr Lee says:

    Dear Sir:

    We would like to know if this tropical fruit world is worth to go.

    For a family with 2 elderly and 2 young child ( one is eight and one is four ?

    Mr Lee from Hong Kong

  2. craftsman says:

    The place is not too bad. You can give it a try. We enjoyed ourselves.

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