St Gregory Spa

Things have slowed down for me to a comfortable pace, and I’ve pretty much at a stabilized plateu right now.

Which is why, it’s also the right time to get my body back into shape!

This is one of the things that I have most difficulty with. I originally tried running at night after the kids sleep, but I get really tired, and I also normally fall asleep while putting them to sleep! So, this didn’t work out very well.

I’ve also resisted joining the gym because…well, the gyms are either too far away, or are also usually very crowded.

But, enough was enough, and I was sick of being unfit. I finally did something about it, and joined St Gregory’s Spa, located at Hotel Park Royal, and just a 200 metre walk from my office.


St Gregory’s has a large Gymnasium with all the latest eqiupment. It also has a 25 metre lap pool. All of this in a nice Balinese Spa environment. I’ve been going to the gym everyday now, since Sunday, and my routine has been cardio exercises for 20 minutes, then little of weights and resistence training, and a 10 minute swim to finish off.


After that, a 5 minute soak in the Sauna, a quick shower, and I’m a brand new man everyday!


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6 Responses to St Gregory Spa

  1. JL says:

    A great way to maintain that weight loss since u 1st joined the company.

  2. DL says:

    wow… does that mean our next run is postponed indefinitely? 🙂 hope to see the ‘new’ Paul soon! Have fun

  3. craftsman says:

    No man DL… 🙂 Once I get my stamina into shape, I’ll call you up bro!

  4. DL says:

    Hey, bunch of us from your old office signed up for Dec’s standard chartered 10km run. Wanna join us?

    after that, jump in the spa lah… shiok!

  5. craftsman says:

    ok. how do i sign up?

  6. DL says:

    Drop an email to your little “meat-ball” friend in HR dept. she’s helping us do all the registration. You may have to pay though… company paying for all staff. Fyi, MA & SS and their wives doing it too; so good time to catch up. Better be quick!

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