Chocolate Factory & Honey Farm

After we settled into the apartment for a bit, we headed out for our first great adventure! We were wondering where to go, as it was already around 10am or so. I was also a little tired, as I hadn’t slept a wink on the plane.

We decided to head to the Tropical Fruit Farm, about 30km south of where we were. But, befor ewe reached, we took a side detour at currumbin, to take a look at the farmers market and the chocolate factory and honey farm which were side by side.

This is the chocolate factory and honey farm we literally stumbled on while looking around the farmers market.


Excitedly, we headed straight up to the factory!


We saw one of the men who worked at the factory, making chocolate.


He was churning out so much stuff that ended up on the table like this.


But apart from this, the factory was really a yawn. We didn’t stay long, and headed next door, which wasn’t really a honey farm, but I guess just produced bee shows for the tourists.


This was …. Honey World


It was another boring place. Wah.. not a good start hor. We got out quickly, and headed to Tropical Fuit Farm, where we had alot more fun.

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