The Apartment

We got off the plane and was met with a temperature of about 8 degrees Celcius. We found out later that it was unusually cold that day.


In any case, the kids loved it…. “Just like Genting Highlands!” Kyla quipped!

While planning our trip, it was one of our criteria that the apartment we stayed in was directly facing the beach, and that we had beach front access. That made our search quite difficult, as there were so many apartments on the Gold Coast, and how to determine what is good? Everyone one of them proclaimed themselves as the best accomodation on the coast. And, I couldn’t rely on my past experience, as the last time I was there, was some 8-9 years ago, and as a student, I stayed literally in a dump.

I stumbled on an apartment called “19th Avenue on the beach”, which is a absolute beach front apartment, with the beach just 5 metres away. Although I have never stayed there before, nor do I know anyone who stayed there before, I decided to choose that, as it had a 4.5 star recommendation, and there were good comments from people who stayed there before who said it was good.


One good thing (depending on how you view it) was that “19th Avenue on the beach” was on Palm Beach, a good 15km south of Surfers Paradise. This meant that our beach was literally quiet, and the area we’re in was quite residential. None of the touristy stuff, which suffocates you when you drive or walk by Surfers.

Just diagonally opposite us, is a Macdonalds and Seven Eleven. Makes it easy to buy stuff in the night.


When we walked into our apartment, I knew we had made the right choice on the accomodation. Take a look. We have a full end to end view of the Pacific Ocean!


We’re on the 11th floor, and our unit had a balcony that ran from the left bedroom all the way to the living room. Have a look. You can see Surfer’s Paradise in the distance.


Kyla looking at the ocean from the living room.


Some more pics on the apartment.



After exploring the apartment, we looked down our balcony, and saw this!


This is the indoor swimming pool! One of its kind on the Gold Coast! The pool is heated to a 28 degrees celcius year round, and has a jacuzzi at 38 degrees celcius. we spent quite abit of time in the pool in the afternoons. The kids absolutely loved it!

If you still don’t feel envious about the accomodation, then I think something’s wrong with you. 🙂 Ha ha ha.. make sure that if you are planning to go to the Gold Coast, that you stay at “19th Avenue on the Beach”! This place absolutely rocks!

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