Mr Andrew Wee!!!

I was on the flight back from Brisbane, and happily reading the Straits Times when I saw a very familiar face, or should I say very familiar faces on the papers. It was Andrew, Linda and their entire family!


I wanted to tell Chris, but she was having her own battles with Elkan in their seats, so I just proceeded to read about why the Straits Times found Andrew and anything he did interesting enough to publish in the Singapore national papers.

Well, it turned out that this bloke whom I call friend for the last…let me see…I think 20 years happens to be the president of the “Singapore Expatriates in the Americas club” in the San Francisco Bay area!

And all this he kept happily to himself while we were having lunch last Thursday at the Starhub food centre.

Really good stuff he’s doing though. Its tough being away in a foreign land with few fellow Singaporeans with you. So, its a good thing he’s done. Well done my friend. We certainly need more patriotic people like you around.

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1 Response to Mr Andrew Wee!!!

  1. Andrew Wee says:

    Hey! An honor to be mentioned in your blog!

    Yeah, we’ve been busy connecting a bunch of the Bay Area Singaporeans here in silicon valley. Here’s our site:

    When are you coming to visit us?

    All the best,


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