Gold Coast – The Flight There

I’m sitting here in the transit lounge, sorting through the photos from our trip to the Gold Coast. It’s hard work I tell ya, sorting through 3.6GB of photos and videos.

I’ll slowly post them to the blog over the next few weeks, but here’s my very first installment!

We started out in the evening on the 5th of August, where both Chris and I got off early from the office to finish up the last minute logistics. Than we swung to pick the kids up fro mschool, where their teacher told us that they were too excited to even take their naps! But I don’t think they look very excited here in the cab ride to the airport!


Its the kids’ first airplane flight, and Chris and I have taken quite a number of measures to make sure that they enjoyed their first flight. Chris brought along some sweets for them to suck, their milk for them to drink while on take off, and we also described to them the flight from check in to take off to what they would be experiencing in terms of the loud sonuds, the pressure on their ears, and the general things to note while on a plane.

Kyla and Ariel at the check-in gates, checking in the luggage.


At the check in counter, we found out in real Singapore Airlines style that Singapore Airlines had screwed up our tickets. I had bought our tickets off the Internet, but could not buy a ticket for Elkan as his was an infant ticket. We were told that we had to call up SQ directly to book his tickets. well, it turned out that this wasn’t the best way to do this because Elkan was booked all by himself, and our booking reference numbers were different. “No Problem” they said. “We’ll make sure he is put together with the rest of your family.”

Well, all that assurance came to naught when at the check in counter, we discovered that poor little Elkan was sitted some 3 rows behind the rest of us! The ground crew was good enough to try and put us all together, but could only manage putting Elkan’s seat on a seat across the aisle from us. We had to get on the plane and negotiate with the passanger next to us to exchange the seats!

Thats Singapore Airlines for you! They screw you up, and expects you to solve your own problems. Thankfully, the nice gentleman sitted next to us on 32C was kind enough to exchange his seat for Elkan’s seat on 32D. We ended up having seats 31A and B, on the first row, which is where Chris and Elkan sat, and 32 A,B and C, which is where Kyla, Ariel and I sat.

Kyla and Ariel monkeying around on the baggage trolley as we waited to ensure that the same screw up with our sitting arrangement didn’t happen on our return flight to Singapore.


Monkey faces!!!!


Dinner at Chen Fu Ji, where a plate of fried rice cost us S$18 a pop!!!!!!!!!! Wah lau! Some more not very nice. I honestly think I cook better fried rice. Ha ha ha!


After our very expensive dinner, we headed to the boarding gate. The kids were obviously extremely excited, having not been through transit before. They were making monkeys out of themselves.


The Stewardess helping Chris and Elkan with the seat belt, and of course pampering the “cute little boy” with the free toys and stuff. You can see that this is where we were all seated.


Kyla and Ariel were really taken by their own private TV to watch Hi-5 and Justice League with. It took them a really long time before they slept. The return flight was comparatively a lot easier, as they quickly slept, having gone through the initial excitement of the new fangled stuff on an airplane.

Ariel enjoying Hi-5


Surprisingly, Elkan could still fit into the bassinet.


The wonderful sunrise on the Brisbane coast, viewed from 30,000 feet.


We’re almost there, and the kids are all awake.


This is just so beautiful


Elkan….like a seasoned traveller.


Ok. Thats it for now. I’ve covered all the boring preperation and flight stuff. I’ll touch on our first day on the Gold Coast on my next post. And….I’ve also run out of time. I need to board my flight now.

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2 Responses to Gold Coast – The Flight There

  1. BH says:

    Glad you had a good journey.
    A few things though:
    1. If you have infant, better not to book ticket from the web. They ALWAYS screw up 🙂
    2. For food in Changi Airport, nothing beats the food in staff canteen. Good taste and good price. The price of food in food court on 3rd floor (public area, both terminals) is a robbery:
    a. In T1, take exit next to Burger King (arrival level). The canteen is on your left
    b. In T2, go to carpark (south – the one after the Malaysian Air row). Go to level 3A of the carpark. Last time I was there (in January) it was being renovated and I saw a food court operator (Food Junction???) sign there. I hope the food is still Ok.

    Personally I found food in T1 canteen is much better compared to T2 canteen.

  2. craftsman says:

    Thanks Budy.
    Yeah, but I don’t think I will have a chance to book another infant ticket, as Elkan will be too big to be considered an infant very soon. 🙂

    I also wish I was able to to the canteen, but with kids, its a little difficult as they get realy rowdy. We wanted to huddle them into transit as quickly as possible, and hte canteens are not accessible from the transit area. 😦

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