Greetings from the Gold Coast

Its now 10:26pm on a Sunday night. We’ve been here for two days now, and the kids absolutely love it! A couple of things mar it though. I’ve not been feeling too well, and have sypmtoms of the flu, blocked nose, sore throat, etc. Today, I also had a headache I nursed for all day as I woke up abruptly when Kyla screamed for me in the wee hours of the morning.

But, still, its not enough to spoil our holliday. We have lots of photos and videos, and I will be uploading them soon. As broadband isn’t that prevalent in some Australian hotels/motels, I don’t have broadband here at the service apartment. So, I’m on dial-up now, and it would be impossible to try and upload my pics and videos here.

We’ve got a million dollar view from every room in our service apartment, and already had two very exciting and fun-filled days. We’re looking forward to more. Tomorrow, we’re heading out to Dream World to see the Wiggles. The kids are just dying to see them.

I’ll just leave it there for the moment. I’ll touch base again soon. I promise…:)

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