Super Long Day

Its been a really really long day. Woke up bright and early today and got ready to head to the airport. My flight from Sydney to Singapore was at 11:30am, which meant I needed to be at the airport at 9:30am. With the heightened security at all airports now due to the higher level of alerts at airports because of terrorism, airlines usually now request travellers to arrive at least 2 hours prior to flight.

Being me, I got out of The Sebel at about 8:30am, giving myself a buffer of an hour to get to the airport, just in case we got stuck in a jam. In the end, I reached Sydney International at 9am.

I already checked in a day earlier via the Internet, and I just headed to the SIA First Class counter to get my boarding pass. This was quite painless, and I passed customs into the transit area within 5 minutes.

I got a wonderful seat in one of the cafes overlooking the very gate I was boarding at. The 747 Mega-Top was just berthed within 50 metres from me. It was magnificent.


I must have stayed there for quite a while. I bought a coffee, and sat down with a book to read while the ground support crew got th eplane ready.


For the first time, I saw how the catering services crew got all the food and stuff into the plane. I shot a video of the process.

I also noticed this truck…. hmmm….Aircraft lavatory Service…. Since young, I had always thought that when you flushed in the airplane toilet, all of it gets dumped outside the plane, and that it evaporates into the air. ha ha ha ha ha…. so dumb. I don’t know why it never occured to me that it was a ludicrous notion even when I’m older. Today…. that has finally been put to rest.


I touched down at Changi at about 5:45pm, and headed to the lounge, and I’ve been here eversince. I’m heading out to Seoul tonight at 11:50pm, and will only be back on Friday night.


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  1. EA says:

    Educational blog indeed!

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