2nd Day in Sydney

This morning, I woke up in a nice and warm room. Ahhhhh… the beauty of heating. I headed again to the cafe for my coffee and a butter crossiant to take along with me to the office as I had quite alot of things to do today.

This is the view from the room they put me in.


I had a splitting headache this afternoon, and headed to Coles to get a box of panadol. The Panadol Rapid that i got myself worked wonders, and it was indeed extremely rapid, and the paid was gone in 10 minutes.

By the time I left the office at 6:30pm today, there was NOT A SINGLE person in the office! Goodness me!!!! This would never have happened in Singapore! Ha ha! :). Again, all the shops and the malls are closed.


I went back to the hotel, and decided that I needed a quick break from the office. I really just needed a good dinner, and a break away from the real world. So, what better place to go to but Hoyts?

This is the Hoyts at the Westfield mall.


As the mall was closed, they have this really really long escalator linking the street to the cinema on the 4th floor.


I caught X-Men – The Last Stand. My verdict? well it was certainly ALOT better than The Davinci Code, which was a joke!

I have to add that Famke Janssen was a joy to watch throughout the movie. 🙂


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