Boring Day

I got up bright and early this morning, and I remembered why I hated winter SO MUCH when I was last here studying in Perth. Brrrgghhhh…. it was freezing, and the toilet tiles were so cold, the toilet seat was so cold, and I was literally shivering from head to toe.

What really got me riled, was not the cold weather, but rather that I found out I slept a night without heating, when the room I am in had heating all along!!!!!! Wah lau!!!! So Bodoh man… must be getting old.

After I showered, I dressed up and headed to the Mezze cafe down stairs. I had asimple toast sandwich and a skinny latte. Ummm….. beuwdy mate.

I saw this really funny picture on a magazine which reminded me of a colleague. 🙂


I was practically stuck in the office today. I had a brief respite for lunch, but even then, I rushed back to the office to get stuff done. In fact, I just finished my work at about 9:30pm tonight. I hope it will be a little better tomorrow.

The office is located in Chatswood, about 15 minutes drive north of Sydney City. This is the view from the office.


By the time I got out of the office at 5:20pm, I headed out to the mall which is just opposite the office, and this is what I saw.


Everything was closed…… Wah lau….The Aussies have not changed a bit! Even after so many years, they only have one late night shopping a week! Man… it was barely 5:20pm, and everyone’s gone home!!!!??? Goodness me.

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