SIA Connexion

Believe it or not, I’m now blogging from Seat 38H on an SIA 747-400 Megatop. SIA, or rather Boeing provides a wireless Internet connection service for a small fee. I thought quite long about it before deciding to purchase an hour’s worth of access. Theres some e-mailing to be done, and I’ve just completed that. So now.. its fun time.

I’m on my way to Sydney via the SIA Kangaroo route. The flight is almost full, but I was lucky to get a seat next to a vacant seat. Ahhhh…..these little pleasures may not seem much, but really becomes important on flights like these that are over 4 to 7 hours long.

They’re now serving lunch, but the trolley hasn’t come to me yet. Lazy buggers… everyone just went to sleep and hibernated before the stewardesses turned on the lights. Me? Well… I was working away on my laptop on some urgent e-mails that need to go out today.

I left Changi at 9:30am this morning, and will reach Sydney at approximately 7:15pm Sydney time. Sydney, is 2 ours ahead.

This week is another punishing week. I am scheduled to be spending some time in Sydney to get the IT infrastructure all tied up nicely. Then I’m off to Seoul to do the same from Thursday to Friday.

By this weekend, I would have covered all 11 countries in the region, and also a total of more than 25,000 miles! They’re gonna send my Krisflyer Elite Silver to me next week. At this rate, I’ll get Gold by the end of July.

OK. Will sign off now. Lunch is on my lap now.

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2 Responses to SIA Connexion

  1. Budy says:

    Well, Connexion by Boeing is only one small step. Airbus has proposed to put a GSM micro-cell in the aircraft, which means you will be able to make a call using your GSM phone while flying.

    Dunno whether it is a bad or good news. Until recently, bussinesmen/women could catch sleep while flying because mobile phone and Internet were not working up there.

    Now, there is no place to hide. Your boss expect you to read email while flying or worse, he calls you when you desperately try to sleep.

    BTW, I think by now you have mastered a skill to sleep during flight 🙂


  2. craftsman says:

    Tell me about it Budy!!!!!!

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