I touched down in Sydney at about 7:15pm local time, and whisked away to The Sebel Residence in Chatwoods. Its sort of like a home coming for me. I’ve not been in Oz since 1999 when Chris and I were in Sydney for our Honeymoon.

The prospect of touching Australian soil again gave me quite a tingle on my skin really. When I stepped out of the airport, with the cold wind on my face, the reality that I am “Back Home” hit me.

This was a country I called home for three years of my undergraduate life in Perth, western Australia. I loved the weather, the people, the culture and the spirit of Australia. At the end of my university degree, I actually contemplated not coming back to Singapore. Serious! But… thats a story for another time.

Anyways…. the taxi driver got me to Chatwoods in one piece, and and I realised that “The Sebel” is a service apartment. The room I have, is actually a 2 bedroom, 2 toilet, 1 kitchen, 1 laundry room, 1 dining room, 1 living room service apartment!

But… the most important thing they dun have!!!!!!!!!! I couldn’t find a RJ45 broadband Internet cable! I called reception to find out more.

Paul: Hi…. I’m calling to find out about whether you have Internet access in the room.

Reception: Yes, we do.

Paul: ok. Thats great to hear. How do I connect?

Reception: We don’t have broadband. You will need to dial in.

Paul: (Aghast!) Uh.. how do I do this? Is there a number I can call?

Reception: You will need to head to Seven Eleven just round the corner to get a dial-up access pre-paid card.

Paul: ………

Man….. I don’t know man…. In this day and age….. how one can not have Internet access in a service apartment or hotel. Anyways… I headed back out to Seven Eleven to get my pre-paid card. I paid Aus$14.95 for 10 hours worth of access.

After I bought my card, I got distracted, and headed for dinner, and also Hoytts Cinema to catch The Davinci Code. A real disappointment though. The movie was a real let down.

Anyway, after the movie, I got back, and tried to dial-up, except that there was no dial up number on the card (or receipt). To cut the long story short, I called the Optus tech support, and got my dial-up connection details.

That was when I realised that there were so many wireless access points at The Sebel, that I really didn’t need the dial-up! Blardy Hell… (Oops… pardon the french) But you know hor… it gets really frustrating when this type of things happen.

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