In The Middle of Ho Chi Minh City

I was in bangkok for one night, and the local office put me up at The Landmark Hotel. I had my Mercedes Benz S280 pick me up at the airport too!


The hotel, was apparently just opposite a crowded night bazaar, and I thought that I might just head out to take a look at it. I had some important e-mails to send out, but then it also seemed like an awful shame if I didn’t at least visit the pasar malam to say that I’ve seen Bangkok!!!

I didn’t get too many photos of the bazaar, but I did manage to buy a DVD “The Davinci Code” for 100 Bht, which is approximately SGD$4.50, and an All Blacks Rugby Worldcup Jersey for 400 Bht. I later found out that the DVD didn’t contain the movie starring Tom Hanks as vividly advertised on its cover. It was instead a documentary on the Davinci Code. Still not too bad for a $4.50 DVD.


I spent the most part of the next day trying to meet the IT folks in the Bangkok office, and also got to understand the issues on the ground. Before I knew it, I had to scoot over to the airport to catch a 6:20pm flight out to Ho Chi Minh City.

It was only on the taxi that I realised that I didn’t have enough Thai Baht! In the end, i paid the driver in Singapore dollars. SGD$20 to be exact. I lost a couple of dollars, but I was already late, and I didn’t relish missing my flight.

The other thing that happened, was that I realised that someone at the hotel messed up my luggage, and the handle was hanging loosely by the side. It was dangerous to say the least, but I realised that I would ned to get a replacement for it. so, I looked around the duty free area before settling on a Samsonite cabin trolley. Transferring my clothes and intimates in full view of the VERY helpful Thai sales girls at the luggage store wasn’t a fun experience I tell you!

Ho Chi Minh City airport wasn’t anything to look at. The baggage claim area was completely deserted, and the worst thing was that they didn’t have arrival cards ready on the plane, and everyone had to rush to get one from the Vietnamese security staff. not fun at all when you see a crowd of 2oo to 400 passengers doing that all at once. It was a riot! Not a good first impression of the contry at all.


I had my second Mercedes Benze pick me up. An S320 this time round! Woahh.

The thing that struck me about this country was ….. Motorcycles and more motorcycles!!!! Goodness! It seems like everyone rides one of these.



Why am I not surprised that they start their kids off on tricycles when they’re young???

Oh well….I’m gonna spend a day here at the office, and then fly off to Hong Kong tonight. Will update when I have more experiences to share.


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