Update – 23rd April, 6:25pm

I’m writing this from the “free Internet” access booth in the Terminal Two duty free area. Today, I’m leaving for Bangkok. Will be in Bangkok for just one night, before heading out to Ho Chi Minh City tomorrow night.

Before I came to the airport, I swung by the hospital to visit dad. I met mum right at the door as I was coming into the ward, and she exclaimed “Dad’s feeling so much better today!” She went on to describe how dad uttered two words, one coloquial word “Aiyoh” and another “Sugu” which in teochew meant stupid.

Apparently, he hit his left hand against a shelf, and he was childing himself! Ha!!! I’m so happy Dad’s improving! He was also much better able to control himself on the bed, shifting on his buttocks.

I asked the nurse if they knew if he would be able to control his bowels, but she said he hasn’t said anything to them. Goodness!!!! Of course he hasn’t lah! He can’t speak what! Anyways, I got them to get dad the emergency nurse call button to be placed next to his bed, so that he could call them when he wanted to get his diapers changed and/or pass motion.

In any case, he confidently showed that he knew how to press the button, and alert the nurses, so I’m pretty pleased with that too

I hope to see even further improvement when I get back to see him on Thursday. Till then, have a great week ahead folks!

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