Update – 16 April, 8pm

It’s been about 2 weeks since dad’s bypass surgery. Since the last update, dad has had his stitches removed. The wound is still a little raw, and he has been having a low grade fever since last Thursday. His temperature was at 37.3 degrees just now when I was there, so it seems that it’s stabilizing.

The nurse has indicated that when his fever subsides and stabilizes over the next couple days, dad will be transferred to the Ang Mo Kio Community Hospital where dad will begin a more intensive physiotheraphy program.

Dad for the moment has become more alert and cheerful. He is feeding himself with his left hand, and seems to retain his cognitive abilities although he still can’t speak.

I know that he is improving though, as he was looking intently at his newspaper, and also at Saturday’s 4D results!

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1 Response to Update – 16 April, 8pm

  1. VJ says:

    Paul, Happy to learn about your father’s progress. Reading newspapers and engaging with loved ones are the best developments that you can anticipate in his progress. All the very best, and do take care, hope the new job is not stressing you out too much,


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