Lessons from Our Doggie Friends

Book Cover

When we brought Vicky (A Japanese Spitz) home sometime last year, we were not quite prepared for the fun and chaos she would bring to the entire family. Val, my sis-in-law who owns Vicky, takes care of her, bathe her, etc, bought a book in her enthusiam (which I just managed to dig out of the cupboard) on the lessons we can learn from dogs.

I flipped a couple of pages, and thought it was a really nice book, and the scary thing was that it made alot of sense. The book Dogs Don’t Bite; When a Growl Will Do” pens lessons we can learn from our doggy friends.

This being the year of the DAWG, I thought it justified to write down some of the lessons here:

  • Lesson 1: Dogs are obsessed with being Happy
  • Lesson 2: Dogs show their Love Openly
  • Lesson 3: Dogs Love to Play
  • Lesson 4: Dogs are Real Friends
  • Lesson 5: Dogs Know how to Love
  • Lesson 6: Dogs Adapt to Change
  • Lesson 7: Dogs listen deeply (Even if they don’t understand)
  • Lesson 8: Dogs Forgive Easily
  • Lesson 9: Dogs Are Good Company
  • Lesson 10: Dogs Keep Hoping
  • Lesson 11: Dogs Take Criticism Without Resentment
  • Lesson 12: Dogs, Even Old Ones Can Learn New Tricks
  • Lesson 13: Dogs Are Happy With A Simple Life
  • Lesson 14: Dogs Know When To Let Go
  • Lesson 15: Dogs Are Patient
  • Lesson 16: Dogs Are Faithful
  • Lesson 17: Dogs Don’t Care About Breeds (Discriminate)
  • Lesson 18: Dogs Are Good Judges of Characters
  • Lesson 19: Dogs Are Real Friends
  • Lesson 20: Dogs Keep Hoping
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    3 Responses to Lessons from Our Doggie Friends

    1. Agagooga says:

      I wish I could say the same for cats!

    2. cinderell says:

      hey, nice blog entry. dont mind if i link it to my blog?

      btw, happy cny!

    3. Xia-mi-mi says:

      Yupz..Am a dog lover too…and totally agree with what you say..They are just such cute lovely creatures~!! =)

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