Finding My Online Identity

Its been just over four months since I first started my blog, and one of the recurring questions I ask myself is “why am I doing this?” I suppose this is a journey that most, if not all potential and serious bloggers go through. To many who do not ask this question, and worse still, do not have an answer to this question, the result is palpable. Their blogs die an untimely death through irregular updates, a fizzling out of initial zeal and/or simply a death of the desire to write.

I don’t know…. Perhaps my blog will die an untimely death in months or years to come through one of the examples I gave above, but for now, I have asked the important question of myself, and more importantly, I have an answer to my question.

If you have followed my blog from its inception in September 2005, you would have noticed neither a theme or style of writing. I was merely putting down random thoughts and publishing them. I had thought initially that I wanted to do a technological blog, as my first attempt at blogging at failed miserably. I deleted my blog at several times, and never really got anywhere with it.

But, as I began writing more and more, as well as reading some of the blogs by Asian bloggers, I also gradually began to hone my own identity and style. There are several genre of blogs on the blogosphere. While some are political/economic in nature, and others focus on the comedic, among the many others, there is also a category of blogs where bloggers simply write about their personal experiences, their joys and sorrows, and occasionally, their views of the world around them. It is this category of blogging I feel most sympathetic to.

You would begin noticing that my style of writing has begun evolving towards a casual online diary of sorts, where I treat the readers like casual friends I have known for ages. And indeed so, as many of you are my friends and acquaintances in Singapore, the USA and UK.

I can never hope or afford to be like a Vijay Srinivasan, or a Jeremy Williams in my style of writing. They have an expansive style of writing that tends towards the serious and philosophical, perhaps honed by years of academic inculcation and intuition. To write like them, would literally kill me as I envisage spending hours going through my blog manuscripts.

I can also never hope to be like a Mr Miyagi, who adds a pinch of high society into his often colloquial entries, and can sometimes be difficult to understand.

I find myself more aligned to the likes of Mr Brown, Minishorts, Karen Cheng and the very interesting Kenny Sia.

It is this very casual style that I find myself writing with now. I also find myself coming to terms with the notion of writing for myself and my friends only, and never straying from that principle. The moment I begin writing for others, the death of my blog would have begun its insidious slide to bloggers hell.

Therefore, my entries of late have been that of a very personal nature to me. I struggled with whether I should put them up, and also with how much I should share. In the end, I realize that these posts were for myself, so that I can put down my feelings and emotions during these moments, whether in trying or happy times as a form of record.

The fact that many, and indeed the whole world can read it, is immaterial. I am by nature a straight forward person, preferring to put forth everything I have on the table with nothing to hide. This is my real person persona, and I see no reason being any different on the Internet.

Having said that, I do reserve a small element of wanting to entertain you, the reader. I treat you as my friends and family, and it is my natural instinct to share my emotions, feelings and thoughts with you.

I hope to spend many more interesting and close moments with you in the coming months and years.

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2 Responses to Finding My Online Identity

  1. jeremy says:

    I like your new template, especially the banner … but is it symbolic of a craftsman at his forge? Just a thought 😉

  2. Paul says:

    Probably not Jeremy. 🙂 This was the original banner that came with this skin. I’m thinking of changing hte banner sometime soon, but havn’t the foggiest idea what to do. Thanks for suggestion of the craftsman in his forge. Will definitely look around until I find something nice that is symbolic in nature.

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