Gong Xi Fa Cai and a Happy New Year of the Dog

I’m Dog-gone tired (Pun intended).

We just completed a whirlwind tour of 6 households starting from 9am to 5pm. I managed to escape home for a little while to get some change of clothes for Chris and myself, cos we’re having steamboat (AGAIN!!!… wah….) at my in-law’s place tonight.

Having forgotten how tiring the first day of Chinese New Year normally is, I stayed up really late last night watching Catherine McCormack (Woo Hoo) in A Sound of Thunder and Jodie Foster (Uh… next please) in Flight Plan. I began realising this was a BIG, BIG mistake sometime about 11am this morning. I had trouble opening my eyes, and was yearning for coffee like a drug addict for heroin . Somehow, I managed to get through the morning.

Strange enough, after 12pm, I somehow got back my steam, but with Elkan the Gorilla in the car, he made it really difficult for both Chris and myself, and we almost blew it towards each other. Had to keep reminding each other to endure.

I’m dragging myself away now to get a much needed shower and to pack a change of clothes for Chris before returning back to me mum-in-law’s place.

Happy Chinese New Year and a wonderful Dog Year to everyone!


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