Chinese New Year Eve

Lor Ar

We’re here at Dad and Mum’s place for our annual Chinese New Year Reunion Dinner. Although there are three of us siblings, only my big bro and myself come back every year now, since Sock Hua has to go over to Micheal’s place for their Reunion Dinner. But, as it is, the place is cramped with banter, the kids’ incessant laughter, quarrels that liven up the place.

Although we meet every week on Mondays and Wednesdays, our annual Reunion Dinner seems to take on a different atmosphere and almost has a life of its own.

Dad and Mum has prepared almost 7 to 8 ingredients (from what I can see) for the steamboat, and they have even braised a duck!

But, what makes me most happy today, isn’t all this. I noticed when dad called me this morning, he sounded very crisp and alert, very different from recent weeks when he seem to be taking longer with words as he processes his thoughts. So, I wasn’t surprised when he told me this afternoon that he hasn’t had any minor attacks at all today.

Praise God and indeed Thank Him as well! It seems like God is indeed watching over him. The medicine, coupled with the Acupuncture treatments are also helping. I’m really happy.

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