China Town

We’ve avoided China Town like a plague during Chinese New Year for a couple of years all because the kids were too young, and the place is traditionally really crowded. But, the girls seem to be able to handle walking by themselves alot better now, and it seemed like a good time to swing by China Town to take a look. so, we swung by last night, and I’ve got some photos to show for it.

Its fairly crowded as you can see, although not too crowded until you got no space to walk

Pasar Malam

Very Apt street name for Chinese New Year.


Spring Street

This Pasar Malam is definitely alot more colourful than the one in Hougang, thats for sure!


Beautiful toy lionheads.

Lion Heads

Heck! I don’t even know what this is! Buddha’s foot or something.. Hmmm… $$ come my home!!??!!

Buddha's Feet

People buying cherry blossoms?

Cherry Blossoms

Although I don’t personally by any of this stuff, cos I’m not sure even sure how to consume it, its always the scene that makes Chinatown come alive during Chinese New Year.

Dried Goods

Of course…. you can’t do without the “Cai Shen Yeh” Fortune god during Chinese New Year. Wait a minute… doesn’t he look like the gangster guy that always appears on Jack Neo movies?

Cai Shen Yeh

Cai Shen Yeh1

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