I’ve finally gone over to the dark side

September 16, 2:15pm. I bought my very first Apple computer. …well… my second actually when I really think about it. My first was an Apple IIe clone way back in 1986, which I bought from a shop called computer shack. But… I digress. For most of my functioning teenage and adult life when my brains were actually working, I was plugged in like millions of others to the Microsoft matrix. There is nothing outside of Microsoft Dos, Windows for the end user.

Well, all that changed when I finally made the decision to give it to Bill and move over to Steve. I think it all began when I bought my 20GB iPod, but thats another story for another day. Last week, I made several trips to the Apple Shop at Wheellock Place, which culminated in a Friday lunch trip there with 3 of my colleagues which ended with me bringing back a 20″ G5 iMac.

I am still sticken by its sublime beauty. Amazing how something so beautiful can actually work! 🙂

I had to go hrough quite a severe decision process on whether i should get the iBook, Powerbook or the iMac. I think what clinched it for me was the fact that the ibooks and Powerbooks were all on G4, and that Apple weren’t likely going to introduce the G5 on their laptops with the IBM CPUs. So, if I really wanted a G5 or equivalent speed laptop, it looked like I’d have to wait till 2007 before I can buy one.

Also, I really wanted to use the machine for home video editing, seeing that I’ve got tons of video tapes at home of the kids that I still need to convert. So, I finally decided to get the iMac G5, which came at about half the price of the Powerbook which was of a much lower Specification.

I think I got a good deal. I still wonder what took me so long to move over.

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3 Responses to I’ve finally gone over to the dark side

  1. Budy says:

    Hm, the title should be changed to ‘leaving the dark side’. I thought the ‘M$’ side is the dark side, ha ha ha ….

  2. shyanyap says:

    It refreshing to see IT/MIS people appreciate Apple Mac! Enjoy the experience!

    You may want to consider this on your next shopping list in order to”trail blazing technology for the environment I work in”.

  3. marvilkg says:

    Best site I see. Thanks.

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